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[Patch] OMSI 2 - The Omnibus Simulator [ENG / DEU] [2.3.004]

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[Patch] OMSI 2 - The Omnibus Simulator- Жанр: Cимулятор автобуса
Год выхода: 2014
Автор/Разработчик: Aerosoft
Тип раздачи: Patch
Версия программы: 2.3.004
Требуемая версия игры: 2.0.0 и выше
Язык интерфейса: Английский, Немецкий
Требуемый язык игры: Не важно
Таблэтка: Вшита (3DM)-Описание: Патч изменяет и исправляет многие баги и глюки игры, а также добавляет в игру новые возможности.-Способ установки:
1. Должна быть установлена [url=viewtopic.php?t=4613141]игра версии 2.0.0[/url] и выше;
2. Перед установкой рекомендуется отключить антивирус, а также добавить в исключение папку с игрой;
3. Извлечь все из архива в папку с игрой с заменой файлов;
4. Запустить игру и играть.-Полезные сайты:

Список изменений

Изменения в версии 2.2.032:
Please excuse the delay in publishing the release notes. Meanwhile the patch is online and this are the changes.
We recommend the following precautions:
•Please backup the most important files. Steam still overwrites files and folders that are not part of the update.
•Please remove your addons before updating and add them to your game again one by one. Determining an addon causing problems is much easier that way!
•If you have installed the "4GB patch" before, please make sure to patch your OMSI.exe again after updating.
The following changes have been made:
•Defective spawn of scheduled AI cars corrected
•Entrypoint listing of wrong maps as well as range errors at OMSI 1 maps corrected - this change also concerns Neuendorf!
•AI bus 'landing' improved --> This bug caused large tailbacks at Rathaus Spandau from time to time.
•One possible reason for defective Steam addon activation fixed
•Map bugs corrected:
•Klosterstr./Altonaer Str.: Turning left is now possible + proper ped ford
•Klosterstr./Borkumer Str.: Buggy polygons corrected
•Area of bus stop U-Bhf. Altstadt Spandau: Correction of height on multiple objects at Havel bridge
•Falkensee from 2.5.1994: Height correction of the new service stop; Removal of the previous one
•Turnaround Freudstr.: Height correction sand box, lamp and service stop
•Blasewitzer Ring/Reclamweg: Street gab closed
•Sandstr.: Shining though ground removed
•Falkenseer Chaussee/Siegener Str.: Missing traffic light post added
•Ruhlebener Str. west of Pichelswerderstr.: Shining through ground removed
Изменения в версии 2.2.027:
We recommend the following precautions:
Please backup the most important files. Steam still overwrites files and folders that are not part of the update.
Please remove your addons before updating and add them to your game again one by one. Determining an addon causing problems is much easier that way!
If you have installed the "4GB patch" before, please make sure to patch your OMSI.exe again after updating.
The following changes have been made:
Sinking of the trailer has been fixed comprehensively - rare occurrences still possible
An additional cause for CV.Calculate bug has been fixed
MAN NG272 and MAN NL202 have been added with Euro-compatible cash desks
Entry-Point-Position is now exact, not only decimeter-precise
Integer overflow on startup has been fixed
Bug fixed: Long-distance trains in Stresow depart properly now
Buggy fare display on ALMEX printers has been fixed: Instead of 2.19 now 2.20 is being displayed
Bugs in the area of Griesingerstraße:
In the Griesingerstraße road signs grew out of the fence
The fence at Griesingerstraße / Stadtrandstraße ended unexpectedly
At the bus stop Griesingerstraße towards Rathaus Spandau a timetable was missing
Two parking lots right behind the turn have been removed in order to provide an easier maneuver
Изменения в версии 2.2.016:
•Freeze/crash at startup using Windows XP has been solved
•A security gap has been closed
Изменения в версии 2.2.013:
New features:
•Successfully quicksaving the situation causes a feedback at the red status line.
•Entry point selection: If you place a new bus after loading a map without busses, the preselected entry point will be remembered and reselected.
•The preview window at the bus selection ("Place a new bus") can be deactivated to increase loading speed of that window.
•The needless date selection button "Use standard time of map" has been removed from the start menu.
•An option to activate error message showing as dialog box has been added. Error messages that do not affect OMSI can still be read at the logfile, but will not interrupt game flow. If you need message boxes for debugging purposes, you can activate them via the options.
Corrected bugs:
•Hot keys that are newly developted by us will be placed into keyboard.cfg automatically. Consequently you do not have to add them on you own. We had that problem with release of 2.1.993 (2.2 pre patch) when we added the new quicksave function.
•Quicksave entry in the hot key configuration has been added to the language file.
•We removed many, many causes for long-burning issue CV.Calculate. It is rarely possible that you experience this bug again. Of course we will repair those possible issues as soon as possible.
•An error on loading live weather (METAR) named "P.TL: 9" has been removed.
•The freeze while the options dialog was opened is solved.
•Freeze after collisions (log file entry "SoundSort Fail: Invalid distance calculation") is solved.
•Error CMO.StationManCalculate is solved.
•Error message "Tourentry von arrList..." is solved.
•Error SPS.3B is solved.
•Error TPM.CABAD.SPLDZ is solved.
•Freeze on loading KI (logfile entry "Try Placing Random Bus") solved.
•Freeze on driving with options "Use LowRes textures only" and "Limit textures to 256 Px" has been solved.
•Loading maps without busses without selecting an entry point does not anymore cause an error.
•Busses driving to a left side bus station do not anymore indicate right.
•Range error RS.DrawAllParticles is solved.
•Lost alignment of texttexture_enh is now functional again.
•Freezes: We restructured many lines of code to get a stable, crash free OMSI. Freezes/errors caused by such code lines do not have a specific name, but you will experience a vast improvement on stability.
Изменения в версии 2.1.933:
• New quicksave function (Ctrl+S). If necessary you can disable OMSI's autosave function to avoid lags and save the game quickly on demand.
• You can now choose the starting point of a map when loading it without buses. Cancel the selection dialog box to load the map at standard start point.
• Entry points at the selection dialog box (load map without buses or place bus) are now sorted alphabetically.
• The personnel file will be saved at the end of a trip instead of the exit of the situation.
• Macros GetHumanCountOnPathLink and GetHumanCountOnSeat operate as well in the trailer.
• The holiday file now knows holidays until 2016.
• Our best-known "CV.Calculate" has been modified. We found some of the causes and corrected them - and we devided the error message into messages as "CV.Calculate - J2". You can post your information about that error here. Feel free to write in English!
• Error whereby AI busses stood invisible at the tile edge and caused traffic jam corrected.
• Error whereby the starter of MAN NG and NL worked even with an engaged gear corrected.
• Error whereby OMSI endlessly tried to reload missing tiles corrected.
• Error whereby trigger "Change_Take" did not work corrected.
• Dialog boxes at the editor now contain corrected file paths.
Изменения в версии 2.1.012:
• The random selection of vehicles at the bus selection dialog box did not ranomize the selection properly.
• By use of the bus script can now be checked, if seats are occupied. The callback function is named "GetHumanCountOnSeat". Use it for example for folding seats.
• In Spandau many unused tiles from the Olympic stadium to the south-east have been removed.
• Finally we have added the basis to release and activate addons via Steam. It is not possible to do so by today, but OMSI now enables the addon developers to implement such activation.
Изменения в версии 2.1.004:
● Plugins sometimes caused OMSI to freeze or crash. Plugin compatibility is now restored again.
● Converting of maps into spherical coordinate system is now bug-free. It is neccessary for e.g. Google Earth Photo import or digital elevation model.
Изменения в версии 2.1.0:
● Улучшенная производительность (выше FPS);
● Улучшенный AI Taffic;
● Улучшены текстуры некоторых пассажиров (Ребенок и Бабушка);
● Исправлены проблемы с памятью;
● Исправлено ошибочное обнаружение столкновений.


Официальный трейлер игры/ Как начать игру. Настройки и меню игры/ Как завести автобус? Управление/ Как выставить маршрут? Касса

Официальный трейлер игры:
Как начать игру. Настройки и меню игры:
Как завести автобус? Управление:
Как выставить маршрут? Касса:


Скриншоты / Скриншоты содержимого архива




Скриншоты содержимого архива

-[url=viewtopic.php?t=4850477][13 Add-ons] Berlin X10, Chicago Downtown, City Bus O305/O305G/O405, Hamburg, MAN Citybus Series, Project Gladbeck, Rheinhausen, Three Generations, Vienna, Vienna 1 & 2 (OMSI 2)[/url]-ШОК!!! Цены на OMSI 2 и все дополнения к ней в стим магазине для России в рублях взлетели в несколько раз!!! [url=viewtopic.php?p=70440568#70440568]Смотреть![/url]-Обновляемая раздача!-


22.10.2014 - Версия патча - 2.1.0 -> 2.1.012
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04.03.2015 - Версия патча - 2.1.993 -> 2.2.013
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29.03.2015 - Версия патча - 2.2.013 -> 2.2.016
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03.10.2016 - Версия патча - 2.2.032 -> 2.3.004
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